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Dick's BBQ 2011 Competition Schedule
Roccity Ribfest - 5/27
Boston Hills- 6/24
Brockportbbqfest -7/30

Oinktoberfest- 4th Ribs- (59 teams)
Oinktoberfest- 5th Dessert
Oinktoberfest- 6th Side Dish
Roccity  Rib cookoff- 2nd Ribs (104 teams)
Roccity  Ribfest -2nd Brisket (69 teams)
BrockportBBQFest- 6th Ribs
BrockportBBQFest- 9th Brisket
2010 Oinktoberfest- 6th Pork Shoulder (51 Teams)
2010 Oinktoberfest- 3rd Side Dish
2011 Roccity Ribfest- 9th Brisket (83 teams)
Dick's BBQ
Team Members-
Eric Sanford- Founder & Pitmaster
Chris Flood- "The Technician"
Steve Wheeler- The Ambassador
Mike Ferrara- The Critic

Dick's started in 2006  after years of backyard barbecues. We decided to give competition a shot and see if our 'cue was as good as we thought. Our 1st cookoff we finished with a respectable mid pack finish and were hooked. Due to all of the team member's other hobbies and careers we don't do as many competitions as we would like too, but we are slowly doing more and more and lovin it. The Big Question we always get is "Who's Dick?" Let's just say it's a long story, but it is now in memory of a very good friend .We will be competing in 3 cookoffs this year and who knows maybe next year will bring even more!!!!

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